About Jane


Brandname: No Jane Doe:
I aim for a personal expression in my designs and chose the name “No Jane Doe” to say “ not a women with unknown identity”

I want to create quality designs that are both functional, expressive and beautiful.
Design expression that appeals the senses and contribute to inspiring, beautiful spaces with room for both enjoyment, relaxation, community or activities.
I often try to combine art, technology and craftsmanship in my designs and i am always curious to work with new materials, expression and functions.

I am a god listening partner,
an imaginative problem solver
and deliver high quality in execution.

I graduated in Design, Technology and Business in 2018, and will achieve my bachelor of Design and Business december 2019

Before i started as a designer i had a broad range of work experience.
Among other things i have an education as a teacher, and has taught all ages, children and adults. My speciality was art classes.
I later took the apprenticeship as an upholsterer and worked with the craft in ten years